Premier League confirms £5m package for departing chief Scudamore

15 november 2018 17:21

The Premier League has confirmed outgoing chief executive Richard Scudamore will receive a £5million payment on his departure.

Susanna Dinnage was announced as the new head of the Premier League this week, with the changeover set to take place early next year.

Reports emerged that Scudamore would be given a £5m 'golden handshake' to mark his 19 years in the role, with each of the 20 Premier League clubs asked to contribute £250,000.

The Football Supporters' Federation urged clubs to reject the proposal, which it described as "hugely unpopular" with fans.

But the Premier League confirmed on Thursday that the package has been agreed for Scudamore, who has headed the organisation since 1999.

"The Premier League has today agreed the arrangements for Richard Scudamore stepping down from his role as Executive Chairman," a statement said.

"The decision was made by the Audit and Remuneration Committee and the non-executive directors, supported and endorsed by the clubs.

"The payments, which will eventually total £5million, will be spread over the next three years and are in consideration of three important areas.

"It was vital that a comprehensive set of non-compete clauses were extended, to ensure the best possible protection for the future of the Premier League.

"It was agreed that it is crucial for the league’s ongoing success that Richard's unique knowledge and experience remain available in an advisory capacity.

"The payments are in recognition of the outstanding work Richard has carried out over the last 19 years.

"The Premier League would like to put on record our thanks to Richard for his exceptional contribution to the success of the league."

There are reports some Premier League clubs were against contributing to the payment, with Burnley said to be among them.

However, in a statement, they said: "Burnley football club supports the statement of the Premier League and the rationale behind such payments and the work carried out by the remuneration committee. The club will be making no further comment on this matter."

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